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QuantNet is designed as a web-interface to freely exchange numerical methods, called Quantlets. QuantNet aims to introduce a centralized system that is constituted by documents from different scientific areas, submitted by various authors from professional researchers to university students.

As part of the Collaborative Research Center, the Center for Applied Statistics and Economics and the International Research Training Group (IRTG) 1792, QuantNet contributes to the goal of strengthening and improving empirical economic research in Germany.

At present QuantNet contains source code written mainly in:

R, Matlab, SAS, Python, Solidity


To begin with, we have published the codes used in the following books, projects and discussion papers by the Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz Chair of Statistics:

QuantNet @ GitHub

GitHub Organization Quantlet

QuantNet is a GitHub organization with diverse repositories of scientific information consisting of statistics-related documents and program codes. The advantages of QuantNet are:
  • Open access to all research and teaching related codes and programs,
  • Reproducibility of research results increases its accountability and reliability,
  • Full integration with GitHub, implemented with PyGithub package available on PyPI,
  • Text Mining Pipeline providing Information Retrieval, document clustering and visualizations realized with a "GitHub API based QuantNet Mining infrastructure in R",
  • Ease of discovery and use of your technology and research results, everything in a single GitHub Markdown page
  • Standardized audit of your codes based on the Styleguide

The QuantNet Styleguide enables a standardized audit and validation of new Quantlets. The Styleguide contains several subsections:
  • Styleguide of Quantlets: an overview of the structure of a Quantlet,
  • Characteristics and mandatory data fields of the YAML Metainfo.txt file Metainfo.txt,
  • Examples of complete and correct Metainfo.txt,
  • The main YAML rules most relevant for QuantNet,
  • Basic instructions for the GitHub Desktop client




List of members of the QuantNet GitHub Organization:


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Responsible/Webmaster: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Härdle